You could save time and money

Are you currently using Excel sheets to generate your work & material orders, follow assembly lines and manage production resources? We have tools and software to help you accomplish every step of your production efficiently and automatically from A to Z, with the added bonus of gathering strategic data as well.

Complete control of production costs

Savings in time and efficiency

Improved productivity

The profitability of automated production


Automate work order creation and execution

A work order can be created by simply identifying the required product, and then production will start automatically. The equipment recognizes the recipe and tells you which materials to use, the correct amounts of each and the proper order. It also tells you which tools are required to complete the operation.

We are speaking of a cost-effective technological investment that will allow you to gain time and efficiency in a phenomenal way as soon as it is implemented.

Keep track of each product with utmost precision

Automated production, combined with our specialized software, allows you to follow individual products down the production line and know exactly who interacted with them. For each product, all employees are identified along the line and all operations are saved. Therefore, with just one software program, you can view the entire life-cycle of your product, clearly and in a schema that resembles a family tree. No data to gather, nothing to handle.

Everything is compiled before your eyes and you can easily retrace the source of any mistakes or oversights.

View real-time production output

Do you know your profit margins only when the end of the month comes around? Do you know what your productivity and profitability levels are? With automated production, by adding sensors to your equipment (Internet of Things) and computerizing them, you will know in real time if one of your production lines is delayed on delivery times. You can then personally take the measures necessary to reach desired output levels before it's too late, or let our solution do it for you.

We are there to set up the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to gather the information you need to make you more efficient, help you to reach the next level and make you stand out from the competition. 

Automated production standards

Only we propose solutions that are completely adapted to your existing systems already in place, all while respecting automated production standards.

  • Secure handling of automated equipment
  • Maximal moving speed of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) or automated shuttles
  • Collision risk management
  • Controlled power of stand-alone equipment