Your business data is precious

Forget about Excel files! Our solutions consolidate and deal with your data in a global and efficient way to regroup all your inventory, logistics and production data. Once your data is synthesized into the dashboard and reports, you can then make the most of it by determining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will guide your forecasts and automation decisions.

Better forecasts for profits, margins and costs

Improved performance analysis

Valuable tool in guiding business decisions

The profitability of business intelligence


Connect your industry and step into the industry 4.0

Prior to acquiring and managing your business data, you must first add sensors to your tools, smart tags to your products and automatic processes to your production. Our team of experienced engineers, specialized in smart factories, will go on-site to analyze your establishment and then perform a digital diagnosis.

We implement the product identification system, traceability software and network interface modules necessary for your equipment in the goal of gathering data. Alerts are programmed on connected objects so that you can act quickly and efficiently for whatever issues may arise. You can even let the solution act in your place.

Collect and centralize your business data

Each device, each unique product and each employee will generate an impressive amount of data which is centralized and stored on your servers. You can then follow the route and handling of a product in a clear way that resembles a family tree through reports and the dashboard. 

Use business intelligence to your advantage

We will show you how to share, consult, create and analyze reports resulting from your data collection. Think of all the opportunities that you will have: 

  • Know how many employees are required to maximize your resources in relation to the targeted results.
  • Automate certain actions with the help of established business rules.
  • Discover your production weaknesses and implement targeted measures to solve them.
  • Use the harvested data for marketing by showing the transparency and efficiency of your traceability.
  • Efficiently establish your production costs for each product.

Business intelligence standards

We are well informed concerning the laws and standards governing business intelligence and all our tools and services comply.

  • Protecting the confidentiality of mass data
  • Safe data sharing
  • Business data storage and retention