Improve your productivity

When our agri-food clients come to see us, the main reason is because they are at the end of their rope. They are working overtime to stay profitable in the face of fierce competition, they are short on time and most importantly, they are lacking resources. They must also conform to more and more demanding industry standards, which adds to the daily stress. All in all, they need help.

To support them, we implement interconnected equipment, strategies and software that allow them to grow production, expand their varieties and decrease losses. We allow them to inhale process automation and enhance the role of their employees. We offer efficiency.


Production increases

With the same number of employees, our clients have the potential to triple production by automating and integrating traceability and logistics tools.


Fewer losses

On average, a decrease in losses of 60% is observed for our clients who control food conservation and rotation with our inventory management software.

Results for our agri-food clients


Simple & precise food traceability

For our clients, it is now easy to find and follow a production lot with the identification system we put in place. Each lot and unit has a unique serial number. This is an essential asset, in the case of a recall, for example, that allows them to avoid massive food losses.

In addition, if a partner requests a specific variety of food, the traceability software we have implemented for them allows them not only to find, but also to prove that it is the right one – an important measure of quality. Note also that the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations has recently tightened requirements regarding product traceability.

Increased production speed

The automated production lines, handling and storage equipment we install for our clients are coordinated by movement coefficient matrixes. This ensures that food logistics and storage are completely autonomous with no human intervention.

Our solutions have allowed clients to increase their production, meet higher demand and save time in management, all while reducing their labour costs.

Improved food quality control

We know that the standards, specifications and food quality criteria in the agri-food industry are strict and difficult to respect. To help better control the quality of their food, we have interconnected client systems with our automated solutions, reducing manual tasks by nearly 75% for some.

But what about their employees? They now supervise operations from a command station, ready to intervene if any issues arise. Human error is eliminated, workers are valued and production is optimized.

Enhanced food conservation

By knowing the exact route for each product, our clients now have improved control over the conservation and rotation of their perishable products. They know how long a lot has been sitting in a warehouse, the conditions thereof and who the warehouse operator is simply by entering a number into the system. The also receive alerts in the case in which a lot becomes expired based on an evaluation of warehouse conditions.

This kind of control has allowed some of our clients to reduce their losses by 60%, a considerable financial advantage. They can also now obtain complete reports of their production and conservation.

Some of the agri-food challenges our solutions target

  • Decreased food losses from uncontrolled conservation and rotation
  • Increased production profitability while reducing labour costs
  • Respecting agri-food industry quality and safety standards
  • Lowering workloads to offer better work-family balance

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