Increase profits

If you own a manufacturing company, then you are in a good position to stand out. Why? Because those who have the courage to launch into process automation and cutting-edge technology are still rare: only 25% of Quebec-based businesses have dared to do so. But the fact is, you have everything to gain because production speed is increased tenfold, operations costs are reduced by half and employees are much more motivated.

The technological investments our clients made with us paid for themselves within the first years of being implemented. We automated and connected their processes and showed them how to use automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), automated stores and mass data to forecast their production. We gave them the opportunity to shatter records and stand out from the competition by becoming faster, more efficient and more profitable.


Increase in productivity

Our clients see their production losses and mistakes practically disappear and their production speeds increased thanks to automated equipment and better operations logistics.


Reduction in operations costs

Our clients manage their companies with our inventory management systems and software. These tools forecast production, materials, orders and labour needs for them, with no mistakes.

Client results in the manufacturing sector


Optimizing production

Smooth production is faster, more precise and much more cost effective. Automation, shuttles and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), combined with our logistics and production traceability software and systems, have allowed our clients to optimize production and eliminate order and handling mistakes. In some cases, these improvements have resulted in increased profits of 70% within the first year.

Such incredible efficiency allows for more production without compromising on quality, and at the same time reducing labour costs. This allows our clients not only to face the competition, but to surpass them.

Precise planning of resources and materials

Equipment automation is more than just processes. Automated solutions & software can forecast production times and delivery, then execute necessary production operations in a fully automatic way.

In addition, our inventory management software connects to your inventory in real time, giving you the exact characteristics and quantities of your raw materials at all times. You know what you have, what you need and what you need to do, without stopping to think about it.

Easy recruitment for your labour force

Our manufacturing clients are facing extremely tight labour markets, which put their business profitability in jeopardy. By enhancing employee roles, improving the flow of operations and creating new, innovative jobs related to technology, it is now much easier for companies to hire and retain employees.

They have been able to create analytical positions that are safe and exciting, and which attract young, qualified graduates.

Alerts in case of problems

The sensors, connectors and traceability tools that we install for our clients allow them to know if a problem arises at any time, on any line and for any equipment or system. Employees observe production from a control station.

A problem will trigger alerts in the plant and even by text message directly to our clients, according to their needs. It is one less stress allowing them to enjoy life without neglecting their business.

Some manufacturing challenges targeted by our solutions

  • Counteracting tight labour markets
  • Facing competition by increasing profits without additional resources
  • Increasing the speed & flow of operations without affecting quality
  • Managing raw materials, orders and the work force
  • Satisfying clients who are increasingly demanding and savvy

Benefits for all industries