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The delivery and transportation sector is not immune to traceability and logistical challenges. In terms of distribution and exportation, rigorous standards apply to ensure consumer safety and to protect the industry in general. The paperwork to complete is daunting, order follow-up is difficult and proofs of delivery are often lost in transit.

What we offer our clients is an enhanced client experience and simplified management. By implementing a cutting-edge identification system, automating processes and installing logistics traceability tools & systems, we allow them to increase profits and save time. They cannot only face the fierce industry competition, but surpass them.


of delivery times were respected

When an order includes multiple stops, our logistics traceability tools integrated to route optimizers improve delivery by territory and capacity. Trucks can be traced at any time and the right product is delivered to the right client every time.


of order mistakes were eliminated

Client inventories can be viewed in real time with our inventory management software and solutions and their products can be retraced thanks to precision identification systems that eliminate order mistakes and ensure flawless inventory management.

Client results in transportation & logistics


Respecting transportation & delivery standards

Our clients were having a hard time guaranteeing the products they delivered were not altered during transportation or warehousing, for example ensuring proper temperature was maintained the entire time.

Our traceability software and identification systems allowed clients to know where each product went and to control the environment from raw materials to product delivery. They cannot only ensure their products are held under proper conditions, they can also prove it to their clients. 

Respecting orders and delivery times

By following products closely, it becomes impossible to make order mistakes and exceed delivery times promised to clients. Our clients' inventories are now virtually linked with order systems, which allows them to know in real time if an item they sell is available. Each product is identified in the system and its entire route is tracked and saved. This allows clients to easily find the right food varieties and product categories.

Our clients have eliminated financial losses due to order errors by increasing the satisfaction of their own clients and partners. They have also increased the cost effectiveness of each of their trucks in operation.

Eliminating manual paperwork

The transportation sector is still too often managed with Excel files and bulky paper documents that take a long time to fill out. By automating all processes, computerizing information and simplifying handling, some of our clients in the transportation sector have reduced administrative management times by up to 70%. Not to mention free time they gained!

Managing navigation, payment, quality control and moving inventory processes is key to the mobile tools and systems that we implement for our clients.

Eliminating fraud and theft

Without logistics traceability tools, it is hard to have an order history: who delivered which product and with which truck? After having installed our solutions for clients, they have finally been able to end numerous instances of fraud such as gas or inventory theft. They have perfect control of site access in real time.

Each driver enters their time into the system with each delivery they make and also indicates the tasks currently being completed. By delivering the product, with a simple scan, a proof of delivery is automatically integrated into the system. Integrating our system with the truck's odometer allows the exact mileage for each route to be precisely calculated. Integrating it with the tank allows the number of litres delivered to be tallied, in the case of liquid shipments. Even remotely, our clients are able to see absolutely everything.

Some transportation & logistics challenges targeted by our software

  • Eliminating order mistakes and avoid the related financial losses
  • Respecting transportation standards, especially in the case of fresh products
  • Efficiently managing truck routes for deliveries and respecting delivery times
  • Eliminating fraud and theft (gas, products, etc.)

Benefits for all industries