A more efficient & high-performance company

Our goal is to optimize all aspects of your business. To do so, we first identify what should be modernized, starting with the products you identify, your existing software and equipment. We then help you acquire your business data and process the information to maximize operations efficiency, improve logistics and project forecasts for your production. Our solutions are profitable, reliable and strategic.

United to offer outstanding service

Epsilia, Divel and Pluritag joined forces in 2019 to offer businesses technological solutions from A to Z.


Increase in productivity


Reduction in operating costs


Increase in overall product quality

Important improvements for our clients

Your business - 100% connected



Follow your products and control your inventory with management software, identification systems and advanced labelling products.


Automate your equipment and synchronize their movement for flawless production.


Automate and manage your logistics and inventory in real time, perfectly synchronized with your production needs.
Science des données

Data science

Harvest and utilize your business data by allowing systems predictions while you manage your production.

Industries that have everything to gain

Major advantages await any company rising to the next step of industrialization 4.0 and total digital connectivity: higher profits, better performance and efficient production are but a few. Overall, the following 3 sectors stand out.