Kencee U2

Noovelia, specializes in product identification and traceability. We analyze identification systems already in place and improve them so that each product can be retraced and its life cycle analyzed. The ability to retrace product origins is a considerable advantage, especially in a situation of massive recall, for example. 


Noovelia identification and positioning systems

Identification systems vary from one company to the next. We first analyze your needs then propose completely customized solutions. Our solutions can be adapted to even the harshest conditions. 

Kencee u2

Discover Kencee u2, The Smart Social Distancing Tracker

Have you thought about how COVID-19 could harm and affect your business?
Don’t wait until this infectious disease jeopardizes the sustainability of your organization. Take matters into your own hands with Kencee u2.

Designed to respect social distancing within an organisation, this ultra-precise real-time detection tool is what you need to reduce risks during these trying and uncertain times.

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Industry 4.0 Case Study

A company stemming from a traditional industry that succeeds in optimizing its processes due to a digitization and automation shift.  This demonstrates that all businesses can certainly benefit from it. Automated guided vehicles (AGV), radio frequency identification (RFID) tags connected to a database link, automated warehouses as well as other innovations increase the productivity for furniture manufacturer Canadel inc. This type of technology takes businesses to the next level while demonstrating that all industries can benefit from operational intelligence.


Radiofrequency identification (RFID)

RFID technology is comprised of captors, access points and identifiers that are installed in strategic positions throughout your plant, in your warehouses and on your products. You can then detect equipment, cases or products automatically, even if they are in motion or in a hostile environment.

Real-time location system (RTLS)

Kencee® is a solution that locates the key elements in your production chain to give you a detailed overview of all ongoing actions in your facilities in real time. Through the analysis of this data, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your production flows while improving your productivity and profitability.

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Kencee u2 helps businesses to continue their operations during the pandemic

Specialized in digital and physical flow management for businesses, Noovelia will provide its expertise to companies in the next weeks by allowing them to continue or resume their operations while meeting government standards in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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