Epsilia, by Noovelia, is a company based in Trois-Rivières, Quebec and among the largest technological development firms in Canada for the past 30 years. We specialize in software allowing complete remote management of any business in a centralized manner.

We are referring to control and connection with automated business solutions, extremely precise product tracking and the use of gathered data to issue company forecasts. 


Epsilia management software

With us, you can track a product from the beginning to the end of your production chain and view its life cycle very clearly, similar to a family tree. Our software programs adapt perfectly to the particularities of each sector and can be integrated with any ERP system or equipment you already have in place. 


Manufacturing data collection

At the heart of business digitalization, EpsiMES gathers real-time production output data so you can perform analyses and follow-ups as well as improve control. It is the connector among all Epsilia systems and the link between your company's human and material resources.


Transportation & logistics management

EpsiTrafik allows you to manage delivery logistics for products and services. Fluid processes in navigation, payment, quality control and inventory management are at the heart of the solution. Integration with external systems such as meters or probes is also supported.


Process automation

EpsiAutomatisation connects your robots, automated guided vehicles and automated warehouses to ensure synchronized movement for production and inventory. It also allows efficient connectivity of your automats for optimal execution.


Smart identification & product traceability

EpsiCuatro allows you to identify and trace your products via radio frequency ID, laser, barcodes (1D, 2D), GPS and other positioning technologies with the help of smart labels.


Inventory management

EpsiWMS allows for granular and complete product traceability, from reception to shipping, by ensuring efficient inventory rotation: location, palletizing, sampling, retention & release, physical inventory, order preparation and product specifications are only a few of the functions this software offers.


Data storage and consulting

Using the data supplied by EpsiData allows you to visually retrace your products' origin and route in a way that resembles a family tree. You can perform prospective analyses and adapt your processes according to business intelligence (BI) concepts. Data value and yield are increased tenfold thanks to real-time alerts from your connected devices.


Food & livestock management

With EpsiFood, manage your food products and raise livestock efficiently with automation from the beginning to the end of your production. Purchase management, animal shipment, raising multiple species and slaughtering are just some of the available modules.


Specialized software

EpsiSpec offers a range of specialized software available on the market in specific areas of expertise. We support you throughout your growth and development by designing software to meet your specific needs.


ERP software connections

EpsiERP allows you to connect our software with other ERP software on the market to optimize the use of your company's human and material resources.

Epsilia's tangible contribution

Epsilia has joined forces with Divel and Pluritag to take your business to the next level. Epsilia's technology is especially helpful for the following sectors.

Operations logisticsData science