Your money is in your inventory

You are sure to achieve financial gains if you know the quantity, quality, state, age, location, characteristics and trajectory of your products, especially when they are fresh products such as food. Keep track of your raw materials, materials for transformation, finished products or packing materials in a comprehensive manner, unit by unit, by palette or in lots with our inventory tracking software and solutions. From receiving to shipping, achieve perfect traceability. 

Almost zero inventory losses

No order mistakes

Faster & more efficient teams

The profitability of improved inventory tracking


Increase volumes while reducing the workforce

Many of our clients tell us that they could pick up additional contracts, but that they are lacking the necessary resources. This is where our software and business solutions come into play: they allow you to do more with less. Your teams will be more efficient because they know everything about your products.

In addition, we go a bit further than our competitors by proposing automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated warehouses, making movement and operations automatic. Orders are prepared and palletization undertaken autonomously with simple supervision from your employees. We are offering you substantial savings in terms of both time and effort.

With us it's simple: you deliver the goods.

Identify and track your inventory at receiving

In order to have minute traceability of each of your products, they must first be identified at receiving. Our teams verify your systems: Do you have barcodes? Are your identifiers unique? Is your identification system structured?

If we consider your identification system too weak, we will create a strong, precise and unique traceability structure for you.

Locate, trace and analyze your merchandise

The majority of our competitors allow you to follow your lots separately, but we go even further. Our radio-identification systems and inventory management software and solutions allow you to trace each of your products individually.

Are you looking for a specific bag of cranberries among your inventory? No problem! With our solution, you can identify the warehouse, row and case where you will find it and then its unique identifier will allow you to trace it. This kind of follow-up cuts losses due to massive product recalls or weak inventory turnover which leads to products passing their expiry date.

With our software and systems, you are also guaranteed to deliver the right product at the right time and to the right client. And you can prove it.

Inventory management standards

Our inventory tracking software and solutions respect industry standards and adapt perfectly to the realities of each of our clients.

  • Mandatory inventory breakdown for auditors
  • Stock rotation at various frequencies according to sector
  • Proof of inventory reliability to be supplied
  • Control of product identification and labelling
  • Inventory summaries that can be viewed by employees
  • Recall management thanks to reliable and efficient traceability
  • Facilitate implementation of and conformity to industry standards