Your business could be more productive

Transportation and manufacturing companies alike have everything to gain from well-orchestrated logistics. Equip your delivery trucks with sensors and traceability systems for optimized delivery routes. Connect your automated warehouses and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) to increase production. 

No mistakes or loss

High profitability for deliveries and orders

More efficient teams

The profitability of smart logistics management


Find opportunities to improve your productivity

All manufacturing companies have the potential to improve efficiency. We will help you find how, and then put it to good use. Our experienced engineers, specialized in manufacturing technologies, can analyze your business to identify opportunities. We start at the base, by suggesting automation methods for your equipment and processes, which is what we call Industrialization 3.0.

Then, we will guide you to the next level, 4.0, where your investment will take on its true meaning. Our team will suggest appropriate software and systems for your business to manage your operations, label your products, trace items from point A to point B and keep track of all the data.

Synchronize movements among your automated warehouses, shuttles and AGVs

Now that you have the required equipment in place, we will help you to ensure they harmonize to truly optimize your production.

For example, imagine that you have various shuttles across your production line. They are independent and are not linked together. Then imagine that you connect them. A first shuttle could take a part and place it on another shuttle. Once full, a second shuttle could automatically and completely autonomously head to the location previously assigned by the operator or according to the settings of our movement management tool which we call the movement coefficient matrix.

And your employees? They will now work as operators in a remote control station. They supervise and intervene if necessary.

Optimize your delivery routes for better yields

With our logistics traceability tools, transportation companies can remotely follow the route of each delivery truck and also know exactly what they are carrying. Our tools can be integrated with other route optimization tools to find the fastest route depending on traffic or road work and even coordinate a transfer of merchandise from one delivery truck to another.

You will maximize returns in employee time and delivery expenses, without having to think about it.

Logistics traceability standards

We create logistics traceability tools and implant our solutions in conformity to the industry standards already in place.

  • Precise description of product logistics procedures
  • Conformity to import/export regulations and standards
  • Respect to regulations regarding warehousing and shipping
  • Production of required documents for verification during shipping
  • Required cold-chain follow up for food transformation