Our management solutions take the leap towards 4.0

With Pluritag, we have implemented identification systems for your products (RFID, 1D and 2D barcodes, laser, etc.), which allows them to be tracked closely from the beginning to the end of our production.

With Divel, we install automated guided vehicles (AGVs), robots, positioners and warehousing solutions within your company so that all handling and warehousing can be done in a completely automated manner.

With Epsilia, we connect and centralize the data harvested by the tools recently put in place within your company in the form of unique software and systems. Epsilia takes on a major portion of efficient and profitable execution of operations within your business. We also show you how to use the data gathered to guide your business decisions, propel the business and improve operations.

In return, you will get a "smart" company that plans, manages, handles, functions and produces all by itself, with minimal human intervention.

More than 35 years of experience in business intelligence

Since 1983, we have been pioneers in establishing cutting-edge technology for our clients across all sectors. Today, we are continuing this progressive tradition by offering businesses real, profitable results with the integrity and innovation they will need to surpass the competition.

Rising to meet your expectations

We will not hesitate to double down so that our clients can optimize their businesses. Check out our case studies to get an idea of what we have done for clients throughout the manufacturing, transportation and logistics and agri-food industries.

You will discover how our evolving line of innovative technologies and pragmatic strategies allow our clients to obtain the results they are looking for. Our team of professionals is dedicated to your project, understands your sense of urgency and works hard towards the goal.

A few of our major clients

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Our certifications

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