Noovelia solutions

What are the main challenges facing industries today? Rendering production more profitable in the context of tight labour markets, respecting ever-growing standards of excellence, standing out in the face of fierce competition and remaining transparent in client relations.

With our tools and advice, increase profits, take control of your products and attract qualified employees. And most importantly, stay ahead of your competitors.


They made their businesses profitable

Our immense ability to adapt allows us to assist entrepreneurs across all sectors. Even so, we have decided to present the performance of a few of our clients in the following 3 major markets.

How we assist our clients

  • Inventory, logistics and production management software & solutions
  • Data management software and expert advice in data science and business intelligence (BI).
  • Advice and sharing of expertise from our experienced engineers and integrators
  • Digital diagnosis of processes
  • Feasibility studies (proofs of concept)
  • Analysis, architecture and design of customized software and systems (R&D)
  • Technical support and training on our solutions
  • Sale of specialized equipment
  • Project financing