Solution de gestion de production et traçabilité agroalimentaire



Fruits and vegetables

Focused on traceability and entirely developed by Noovelia, our solution integrates with your existing scales, robots, automats and printer barcode technologies to capture data. You control the reception of raw materials, packaging materials, production labeling (packaging and repackaging), sales and inventory management, preparation of orders for shipping and product traceability (production/shipping).



Track live animals to cuts of meat in real time through the entire supply chain; interpret data from the slaughter floor to processing; use this data in post-production food recalls: that's what our solution can do. Simply transmit slaughter or processing information directly to government agencies or federations. With this exclusive process, you can identify the origin of the meat pieces in each package as they leave the plant to meet the highest standards for export markets.


Increased agri-food safety

Our solutions are all based on traceability, designed to improve efficiency and productivity. This can be done at a very granular level, whether it be for your crops, your animals, your packaging materials or your intermediate or finished products. From the field to the table, your products are followed closely and accurately.

Loss mitigation due to poor tracking

Thanks to our traceability systems which answer the “who, what, when and where”, we can locate your products in real time and provide you with their evolving characteristics. The data collected through manual or automated processes then allows your employees to make optimal decisions that impact business performance.

Reduced costs associated with recall management

Granularity traceability (to the unit) makes it very easy, even in a multi-product pallet picking process, to identify the location of the unit and obtain detailed information (time of shipment, customer name, carrier name, etc.). We are able to define the level of traceability per product that you require. This granularity traceability is also available for work order production to facilitate the recall of a pallet within a batch as well as for products received from your suppliers. These targeted, efficient and rapid recalls minimize the monetary and brand image impacts for your company.

Effective logistic operations management

Knowing all the rules is a major challenge for the workers on the floor. As such, we support operator activities with our WMS or LCS systems. Real-time information allows us to facilitate: management of held products; management of a bad product shipped; selection of the right product according to the principle of stock rotation; validation of quantities on the order; location of the right product in the right place in the warehouse; and product search on the floor.

Real-time access to relevant data

Real-time data is not just useful for performance charts (KPIs); it is an important foundation for quick decision making, either automated or by a human, that manufacturing requires. By capturing or using real-time data, robotization and automation enable informed, automated decision-making.

Reduced data entry and risk of errors

Humans are human. To minimize data entry and subsequent potential for error, we recommend automatic data collection using sensors, automatons, robots, information systems, or manual data collection using business rules and decision support. These processes are especially relevant in the case of staff turnover, when employee training becomes a challenge.


From manual data collection to granularity traceability

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