In this article from the regional county municipality (RCM) of Maskinongé, we announce the expansion of Divel's premises following the lease of 12,500 ft² in the Carrefour industrial of the RCM of Maskinongé. The goal of this move is to better respond to the continued growth from regional and international clients. 

In fact, this additional space will allow the increased production of automatic guided vehicles (AGV), automated warehousing solutions (AS/RS), positioners, manipulators and test benches. It will also serve in creating autonomy for manufacturing, industrial, transportation and agri-food production. A product can pass from the beginning to the end of the production chain with no physical human intervention thanks to devices developed by Divel. 

The expansion created with the lease of this new space represents an investment of $500,000 by Divel. The company, that presently employs 20 people, is planning to double the number of employees by 2020. The company offers stimulating jobs with good conditions, in the sectors of mechanical and electrical engineering, among others. This kind of expertise is at the heart of solutions developed by Divel. A great deal of research is also required for this company that creates turnkey solutions for clients.

For Stéphane Elliott, Divel's president, the expansion was necessary thanks to a trend that has only just begun. The era of Industry 4.0 will lead businesses to digitize and automate their processes to grow and to face the competition. 

The RCM of Maskinongé has decided to help Divel with loans from local funds, specifically the Fonds locaux de solidarité and the Fonds local d'investissement, totalling $50,000. The RCM recognizes Divel as an interesting project for the region that will allow diversification in the local economy. Leasing space in the RCM of MRC de Maskinongé is only the beginning and Divel is already planning its next phase of expansion.

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