(Article in French only)

In this interview from Carrefour Québec international (CQI), Alain Lemieux discusses his background and how he got his start in the entrepreneurial sector. He was first a programmer-analyst at Epsilia, one of the three companies comprising Noovelia since 2019. He later bought the company and became its president.

He explains how he was able to evolve his mission: from software for management of religious communities to agri-feed management solutions. He himself admits to having learned a lot about business management over the years. He explains how clients across all sectors, even the most regulated, have benefitted from Epsilia's expertise from the very beginning.

He explains how it is harder and harder to conform to the standards in the livestock sector, for example exporting meat, because producers must prove the age, slaughter site and cold storage date. Data that Epsilia solutions can follow, centralize and analyse.  

We see how the company stands out among the competition, among others by integrating traceability at the heart of its production solutions. Mr. Lemieux explains the secret to his own success with clients, specifically focused on clearly determining client needs prior to starting development. He and his team take the time to understand client requirements. If he is involved in the success of his clients, he considers that the ultimate achievement.

He speaks of his greatest pride as an employer: offering great work-life balance. He is proud to tell us that Epsilia limits overtime hours and encourages vacations. He likes to take care of his team. 

The interview ends with the personal and professional involvement that is important to him and that affect his daily work.

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