Watch a video summary from the day the merger among Epsilia, Divel and Pluritag was announced when they decided to offer unified services to their clients. Watch the press conference and hear comments from the three company presidents. 

Because the three groups were highly complimentary, it was only natural for them to join forces. Pluritag offers product identification systems (laser, RFID, codes à barres, etc.), which allow product follow-up from the beginning to the end of production. Divel offers shuttles and automatic guided vehicles that transport products autonomously with the help of preprogrammed matrixes. Epsilia harvests, centralizes and uses all product information on the production line in its management software which allows businesses to visualize the entire production cycle and save the history. Clients can then use the results to guide their business decisions and prepare production forecasts. 

The merger allows businesses from all sectors, and especially highly regulated ones, to benefit from the expertise of each entity under one unique contact, Noovelia. In the words of Noovelia R&D leader, Guillaume Parenteau, the goal and mission is to allow entrepreneurs and small-medium enterprises across Quebec access to industry 4.0 which is at the heart of Noovelia's solutions. 

It is a matter of connecting businesses and thereby transforming the business model: companies, whether in manufacturing, industry or agri-food, also become technological in order to stay profitable in a market that is increasingly competitive. Employees are rerouted as controllers, programmers and supervisors and perform less manual labor that is often dangerous, demotivating and tiring.  Noovelia, with its merger, can now offer all the ingredients an entrepreneur could desire to become more technological and profitable in their market.

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