Mr. Riopel will be a shareholder and Executive Vice Chairman of the Board.
He will also chair the company’s strategic committee.

The chair of Noovelia’s board of directors, Henri-Paul Rousseau, is pleased to announce that Mr. Riopel is joining Noovelia Inc., a private management company founded on January 1, 2019, following a merger between Epsilia Inc., its subsidiary Pluritag Inc. and Divel Inc.

Noovelia and its subsidiaries develop technological solutions for the traceability and efficient management of production, logistics and transportation (Epsilia); RFID-based identification technologies and communication interfaces (Pluritag); and manufacturing equipment like automated guided vehicles, shuttles and gripping and positioning robots used for product handling and storage (Divel). Through its comprehensive offer and complete line of integrated products and services, Noovelia aims to help manufacturing, distribution and transportation companies—and agri-food companies—in Quebec and around the world with their 4.0 digital transition.

An engineer by training, Mr. Riopel has extensive experience in manufacturing and modern technologies, having been involved in many transactions, having integrated many acquired units and having managed complex supply chain and distribution network. He has also lead businesses that enjoyed major successes and strong, profitable growth. Until very recently, he was senior vice-president and general manager of Camso Inc.’s rubber and operational excellence division.

According to Henri-Paul Rousseau, “Mr. Pierre-Paul Riopel’s arrival will add even more strategic depth to the management team and members of the board. Thanks to him, Noovelia will be more quickly recognized as a leader of the digital transition of businesses throughout Quebec and around the world.”

Alain Lemieux, Noovelia’s president and founder of Epsilia, is pleased that Mr. Riopel will be joining the team. “He is a digital transition expert and a talented manager.” Divel’s founder and Noovelia’s vice-president of business development, Stéphane Elliott, said, “His contribution will help our group better serve our clients while increasing our capacity for growth.”

Pierre-Paul Riopel stated, “I am thrilled to be joining a very engaged board of directors. In addition to Alain and Stéphane, I will be working alongside three experienced manager-builders, entrepreneurs and financiers: Yvan Boisvert, Bernard Dorval and Henri-Paul Rousseau. I am also excited about the quality of the management team, which is offering me the opportunity to be involved in creating and growing a large business serving the manufacturing, logistics and agri-food sectors in Quebec, Canada, and around the world.”

Pierre Paul Riopel Joins Noovelia

Left to right, first row: Pierre-Paul Riopel, Alain Lemieux, Stephan Elliott, Bernard Dorval
Left to right, second row: Yvan Boisvert, Jean-Sébastien Descôteaux, Henri-Paul Rousseau

Photo credit: MACAM