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In this article from Global Food Safety Resource by Leah Roberts, the agri-food sector is described as a sector of choice for traceability software as  developed and operated by Noovelia. Kosher and Halal food product chains are precursors and various certification organizations use such systems. The details of traceability solutions as used by our present clients are described in detail. 

Among others, Roberts explains that producers must provide a lot of information on a daily basis in order to conform. For example, they must list the ingredients of their transformed foods, where they come from, the amounts and all steps in the transformation process. In the case of a recall, they must be able to quickly and easily access all the information to minimize losses and confirm that any foods that are not conform are set aside. To be able to automatically follow-up, many companies still use a great deal of manual and human management. However, digital solutions that can be managed by workers exist: traceability software.

This type of software replaces paper management systems by collecting the information and keeping a history. Reports can then be created with the collected data. Traceability software is efficient, practical and cost-effective for agri-feed businesses. The author reports statements from Richard Rabkin, director of the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR). The company is one of the largest organizations for Kosher certification in Canada. He explains the food approval process that can now be done in one day thanks to digital methods, and which before took many days to process by mail.  

  At the time this article was published, food traceability was not a requirement as it has recently become. 

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