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Divel, a company linked with Epsilia and Pluritag under the Noovelia brand, has joined forces with the University of Quebec - Trois-Rivières (UQTR) to create the Divel Research Chair in the goal of improving and developing intelligence for automatic guided vehicles in factories and industrial warehouses.

The Divel Research Chair is directed by mechanical engineering professor Sousso Kelouwani and co-led by mechanical engineering assistant professor Yves Dubé. Both researchers will be joined by students who will work with the Divel team. 

It is a question of developing algorithms and software that will be used to make shuttles and vehicles more intelligent. Among others, device movement will be coordinated in such a way that the vehicles can move autonomously and safely under the supervision of employees who will have fewer manual tasks to perform. Once developed, the systems will be tested in real factory production environments at Divel. The goal is to create a new generation of vehicles that will serve efficiently in factories and warehouses across all sectors. 

As explains Mr. Daniel McMahon, UQTR rector, the university and Divel have already collaborated on research for several years prior to the creation of the new Chair. This official collaboration will allow UQTR to improve its expertise in terms of transportation automation, in addition to allowing companies in the region to benefit from the talents and skills of students.  Mr. Stéphane Elliott, CEO of Divel, admits that the equipment technology is essential today for all industrial and manufacturing businesses in order to stay ahead of the competition. In his opinion, integrating this kind of system also helps companies face the workforce labour crisis by creating stimulating jobs that attract the younger generations.Navigation systems that are developed will be integrated into systems already in place and will adapt perfectly to any business environment.

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