Pluritag, by Noovelia, specializes in product identification and traceability. We analyze identification systems already in place and improve them so that each product can be retraced and its life cycle analyzed. The ability to retrace product origins is a considerable advantage, especially in a situation of massive recall, for example. 


Pluritag identification and positioning systems

Identification systems vary from one company to the next. We first analyze your needs then propose completely customized solutions. Our solutions can be adapted to even the harshest conditions. 


Radiofrequency identification (RFID)

RFID technology is comprised of captors, access points and identifiers that are installed in strategic positions throughout your plant, in your warehouses and on your products. You can then detect equipment, cases or products automatically, even if they are in motion or in a hostile environment.


Real-time location systems (RTLS)

We have developed technology that allows us to locate all components of the manufacturing process with precision thanks to triangulation on the production floor. You will thus have the opportunity to place key materials where the execution of your operations is to take place.

Pluritag's tangible contribution

Pluritag has joined forces with Divel and Epsilia to help move your business to the next level. Pluritag's technology is especially helpful in the following sectors.

Inventory managementAutomated production